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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 2, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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counties. right now the yellow fire continues to burn for calistoga. there is a second fire in soda canyon road and that is where claudine wong joins us live, claudine? >> reporter: right now they are waiting for some daylight and you can actually see where it is still burning along this hill, this is a eucalyptus grove and they can't get it out because it is not safe. once you pan to the left, they are basically keeping an eye on it and they are just making sure they keep a very close watch on it until they get everything out and they have made good progress overnight. this all started yesterday at about 6:38, it is in the
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northeast hills north and soda springs hill -- soda springs hill, dozens of people came out and they hit them coming out. they think at that point, power lines came down, it is all in the ruins of the napa city spring road, you have to go down some really winddy roads. if we come back out here live, i want to show you one of the roux wins you can see, nothing is there, everything has been emptied out. make sure they a -- they want to make sure they can get down there safely and put out the few remaining hot spots, about 15 acres is what they think. this is certainly still very
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warm. live here in napa, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> thank you claudine. meanwhile firefighters in southern california are also burning and this is river cap beyond burning outside of los angeles. so far 3,000 acres have burned and that fire is only 3 5% contained. police have detained two suspects wanted in a mission district shooting. officers are trying to get that suspect near the candle stick par which the suspect's car crashed during a chase. police believe a person shot somebody in the leg near mission and the victim was treated near san francisco hospital. >> >> a backyard fire nearly burned down a home.
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this is what happened after the fire started at 11:20 last night. firefighters were concerned about the spike containing sulphuric rick acid. >> he said he was using a battery and it exploded and caught on fire and it got out of hand really quick. >> it all went up in flames, the main house was not damaged. the county continues to search the neighborhood where 8- year-old leila fowler was killed. they have collected several knives for finger print dna activity to see if one was used in the stabbing. deputies say there is still no break in the case. >> it is a complicated
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investigation of course we have the death of a child and we need to make sure we cover all paced a man is accused of kid nabbing a man on a quarter billion dollars bond. meanwhile he faces serious sex charges and one question remains in this case. we will have that next up. and they want to spend $2 million on more training and technology. the court a point thomas frasier as the oakland come by answer directer. -- compliance director. they include digital recordings and upgrading communication
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system. training includes racial profiling. police used pepper space and hurled bottles roxanne metal pipes at officers. the police promised heavier presence. here in the bay area, they thought they were free from these protests in recent years. >> and in downtown oakland, a couple of hundred people took to the streets calling for an increase in the minimum wage from 8 to $15 per hour. which is part of a movement here in chicago. >> many people here in the united states are not getting paid enough, real wages have declined significantly in the past 30 years.
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>> another mayday protest attracted hundreds of people. >> in the meantime an estimated time in san jose called for immigration reform. they want to call on congress to conquer immigration legislation reform. president barack obama passed on a trip to costa rica. he will meet with the mexican president -- he will meet with the mexican president and last year he met two days before the mexican president was sworn in. he will ask for help in securing the border between the two countries and tomorrow he heads to cost a reek a can before talking about concerns. and mark jackson is not backing down for his criticism of the denver nuggets.
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they can clinch the series tonight calling them hit men. he believes the anything gets will -- nuggets will chuck him whole he goes down the lane. >> no violence, chuck him? that is awful. good morning star a, she he is filling in for sal castaneda. we have two eastbound lanes closed overall everything is looking good on the roadways. let's look apt the east shore freeway, it is looking good but at the bay bridge toll plaza
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near 208 and san sows -- 280 and san jose, let's check in with steve. skies are clear, we had the fog yesterday, and that put the old cab bash on any inland temperatures but i think it is marginal. it will not be confined to the coast and yesterday we had that south wind which really sent the fog to marin county and it hit the breaks. today will be a little more in the way of high pressure put it is really cool for others, 49 up in novato, so without that breeze temperatures fall off the table. 29 in ukiah, 60s and 07z, they rebound -- 60s and 70s and i
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know it sounds crazy and it will bring us a cool down over the weekend. today looks to be the warmest day, 80s to 90s in some locations and without those conditions we will be hot at the surveys. we will be clouded up we will talk about may showers. >> we are flooded over here. >> i don't know. time now a critical situation as a hillside gives way damaging several homes, the race this morning to avert a second disaster. a popular person found dead, here is what contributed to his death. >> we will have more coming up.
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clear, wind advisory, there is a heat advisory but it seems marginal. 70s closer to the coast. crews in lake counties are scrambling to save several homes on a sliding hillside. take a look, it shows just how critical this situation is. seven homes in the lakeport division have been declared uninhabitable and right now crews are working to reroute sewer lines to avoid a spill. the cause of this is unknown but there are suspicions that there is an underground spring. dzhokhar tsarnaev's friends are accused of destroying information in an alleged cover up. they removed a backpack from the suspect's dorm room three days after the attack to keep
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him from getting in trouble but they do not think he had any knowledge or interest in the bombing itself. the pizza place will donate from all the meals they make today. hansen bridget will match all donations up to $10,000. north korea has sentenced an american man to 15 years of hard labor. north korea said bay was sentenced for carrying serious crimes and they are using bay to get a visit from a prominent american seeking his release. attorney general pamela harris announced the law yesterday. it gives the law the ability to sees guns from californiaians who are not allowed to have
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guns. this happened after the sandy hook elementary school shooting. >> we have 24 people in the streets of california who are known to be in violation of the law and who are known to have handguns. >> the additional funding is primarily for extra officers and will last years. a mother who was shot in front of her four-year-old son will be laid to rest. she was shot in her car on 54th street and her son was in the back seat, he was not hurt. her funeral will begin at the yack sonville school. -- jacksonville school. christopher yang was an assistant coach for the girl's
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water polo team. he no longer works at the school. sheriff's deputies or rested him and -- arrested him and he is facing 9 felony counts for having sexual relations with a minor. >> our first and primary duty is to protect students. >> one big question remains if the alleged victim was on the water polo team he coached... >> a manhasset died... -- man has died. chris kelly was pronounced dead at a hospital and was pronounced under responsive -- unresponsive at his home. the two were best known for
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wearing their clothes backwards. she was reported missing and declared dead. now 11 years later, a pennsylvania woman has been found alive. she dropped off her two children at school and she recently resurfaced after turning herself in to police. she had recently been arrested under a different name. she left her life behind because of a stress over he a divorce. her neighbors thought she had been murdered >> i was convinced something horrible happened to her years ago. >> she ditched her car in pennsylvania and hitchhiked to florida and she said she is sorry for the pain she caused her family. many in bay area stores
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contain toxic medals. they found other medals that could cause health problems. they are not allow to look into that type of thing. it is contaminated with led and trader joes sold plumb and ginger candies but does not provide warning labels led exposure in children could cause brain damage. hopefully this will not be a problem. >> no, not at all, we still have construction going on but because not everybody is out of the roadways it is not much of
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an issue. 580 eastbound near vicinityco road is -- near vaseco road and towards fremont as well. let's check in with teach, how is it going? >> we have a heat visit are you and no wind -- advisory and no wind advisory. but without that breeze it may be tough. it gave some fog up the coast, today will be a little bit warmer, today even though there was no fog, 40s and 50s and 60s and some of the higher locations are very warm. >> kind of a chill, you use that breeze and some locations really drop down. clear skies, sunny and warm to hot, it looks to be the warmest
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day, but a little sec sea breeze kicks -- little sea breeze kicks in. 70s and 80s to 90s. a little cooler by the coast and they will retrograde back over us. a big cool down and a possibility of some scattered showers. 4:49 is the time, there will be the final fear of the snow season and there has been very little snow and january is expected to show lower than average snow pack levels. it could help us get through a long hot summer without declaring drought conditions. the bay area is home to some of the fastest growing counties and alameda, san francisco, they take the next three spots in alameda, it was the second fastest in southern california
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and its population jumped 6.8% in 2012. >> a lot of people were moving. >> yes, pam, we appreciate that. their disappearance sparked a massive manhunt and we had one of the two hikers rescued from southern california. we have exactly one week before a big announcement.
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. time now 4:52, construction crews will try again to install the final two sections of the new world trade stern. here is a look at the 408-foot spiral but the work was delayed and once the pieces were in place, the one world trade will be the tallest building. 19-year-old nicholas is now being charged with felony drug possession. they found methamphetamine in his car while searching the mountains for him and they got lost in the wilderness during
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the hike. it cost $160,000. he has been named a prime suspect in the killing of a woman and we are now learning that homicide victim may be from the bay area. jeffery is accused of killing a woman whose body was found in oregon. oregon state police have not identified the victim but relatives say she was 56-year- old woman who was visiting her son at oregon state university. he was accused of carjacking on monday and then tried to carjack again and no charges have been filed against him. this is ahead of a big announcement and wrapping the wells of the signature towers are big and may not survive an earthquake. this comes as they continue to work on those bad bolts
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discovered one week earlier and they announce if the new bridge will be scheduled one week earlier. how is it looking, tara? it is typical and we will definitely start to see things pick up in an hour or so and let's go to the golden gate bridge. some of the lanes are being reconfigured right now but overall it is okay. it is a little bit far away but your drive at fso is looking good. fear the 880 split, -- 880 split it is also doing well. >> temperatures are a little cooler and the breeze has died down and it is still going to
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be warm, the wind is really the key so that is out of the picture, the wind advisory is gone, flag advisory is gone, i think they them being the national seers, that is too warm for some -- series. we have 20s in the mountains, 40s and 50s and 60s in the valley. there was an issue with a sea breeze but i would not be surprised if one kicks in later. by the coast these are really tricky temperatures and the forecast tools have not been much help, they have been all over the map. it is a tough pattern and it gets tougher into the weekend. cooler saturday, a little low drops in and that will bring us a cool down, mostly cloudy skies, some showers late a next
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. we are live in san jose where a fire broke out and we will tell you what the person was doing but the fire broke out. mayday at a rally and several police officers were hurt. this directly affect is the california's prison system, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us may 2nd, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, will we need air conditioning today? >> well, nature's air
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conditioning might help the coast. >> fog? >> yes, maybe a red flag warning. there is still a northerly breeze and that's still bringing smoke down from napa county if you are smelling smoke but we may have big changes on the weekend and we will get to that a little later, back to tara. westbound traffic is looking good as you make the drive on to concord, it is 5:00 let's head back to the desk. we have breaking news in oakland and market is on foot hill boulevard and i want to take you there live to the scene. we understand this is the market just after 4:30 was reported on fire. a live look from our news camera and we just spoke to


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